There are two types of membership within the Fraternity:

1. Dedicated Members 
2. Cooperators.

Dedicated Members

Dedicated Members are the ordinary members and they offer up each day the Daily Prayers of the Fraternity  and make sacrifices for those being prayed for. The nature of the sacrifice is up to the individual members themselves, but any sacrifices must be directed by prudence and must not damage the health of the member.

Members must always follow the advice of the Church in this regard. Baptized and confirmed Catholics who have reached the age of 15 are eligible for Dedicated Membership.


Cooperators are those members who through circumstances or choice are unable to assume the responsibilities of Dedicated Membership. They accompany the Fraternity through their prayers and offer up each day the Prayer to St Genesius for the Fraternity and its intentions. The grade of Cooperator is open to all people of good will, Catholic or not, as long as they seek to share in the ideals of the Fraternity.

New Members Welcome

The Fraternity would like to invite you to join them in their mission of prayer and support. If you work in the area of theatre, cinema or any of the performing arts, be it as actor, writer, musician, or in any other capacity, you are especially welcome to join us in the Fraternity. Know that you are remembered in the prayers and sacrifices of the members. The Council of the Fraternity will keep in contact with members through a regular newsletter and hopes to organize events where members can meet. Mass is offered each month for the members of the Fraternity and their intentions. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us to be enrolled.
The Fraternity of St Genesius 2009
Praying for those involved in cinema and theatre

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